In Donetsk shell hit a bus, there are dead

In Donetsk shell hit a bus, there are deadFragments of the shells landed on the bus in Donetsk, two people were killed, injured."On Tuesday morning in the Kuibyshev district shell hit a bus. Two of the dead, the injured," said the mayor Igor Martynov.As RIA Novosti reported, the mayor plans to go to the scene and to the hospital to visit the victims.According to staff of the militia DND, Ukraine on the 23rd and 24th of November was made at least 19 shelling villages of Novorossiya. Killed at least 8 civilians, as many were injured. Also killed three of militia, two wounded.In Makeyevka fire caused a power outage, causing 175 miners were trapped in the mine. They spent under the ground all night. . Read more -->

"Echo of Moscow" ignore proposals to conduct a live analysis of the death of Malaysian Boeing

The Russian Union of engineers suggested that the editor of the "Echo of Moscow" to conduct live radio station analysis of death Malaysian Boeing 777, but no reply was received, reported the press service of the organization."First Vice-President of the Russian Union of engineers Ivan Andrievsky turned 2 in December, the chief editor of "Echo of Moscow Alexei Venediktov to offer an in-depth discussion in the broadcast of his radio Engineering and Situational analyses of death Malaysian Boeing 777, to collect and summarize the opinions of Russians on this issue", - said the press service.For this station were transferred to the 59 pages of text being evaluated. "Ivan Andrievsky hoped that this analysis of "Echo of Moscow" and opposition journalists will pay no less attention than the pictures and the letter that George Bilt sent to the Russian Union of engineers. Unfortunately, the appeal of Ivan Andrievsky remained unanswered, which means only one thing - "Echo of Moscow" does not want to discuss the matter on the merits," he concluded in an organization.Recall, on November 14 in the First channel was showing satellite image, presumably made by a foreign satellite spy in the last seconds of flight Malaysian Boeing. According to first Vice-President of the Russian Union of engineers Ivan Andrievsky, the picture was sent by a man who introduced himself as a graduate of MIT, Aviaexport with 20 years of experience George Bilton. In the picture we can clearly see the launch from under the left wing of the MiG-29 flying near Boeing, exactly in the cockpit. . Read more -->

Australian government: the Terrorist who hijacked a cafГ©, was suffering from a mental disorder

Australian government: the Terrorist who hijacked a cafГ©, was suffering from a mental disorderThe offender, hostage takers in Sydney, was well known to the authorities of Australia, said Prime Minister Tony Abbott."On account of his crime with violence, it was observed extremist tendencies and mental disorder," said Abbott, quoted by TASS.According to him, the tragedy demonstrates that even such an open, free and secure country like Australia, "vulnerable to acts of politically motivated violence".Currently, hundreds of people gathered in Sydney to commemorate those killed in the hostage-taking. According to television Corporation ITV, commemorative Liturgy is held in the Cathedral of the virgin Mary, 500 metres from the scene of the tragedy.According to recent reports, three people were killed, six wounded. Among the dead occupants of the hostages, 49-year-old native of Iran man Charon Monys.Recall that the offender took hostages in the heart of Sydney, five steps away from the Opera house, Parliament of New South Wales, Supreme court of New South Walesa and the Reserve Bank of Australia. Before he entered the Lindt cafe with weapons and took hostage of its visitors and staff - a total of 17 people. He made two captives hanging out of the window flag with the inscription in Arabic "there is No God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet".The offender more than 16 hours were holding hostages, the police took cafГ© by storm.According to the Bi-Bi-SI, it became known that held hostages refugee from Iran man Charon Monys was held in Australia in several criminal cases and was known for his passion for Islamic fundamentalism. . Read more -->

The British publication links the closing of the Museum "Perm-36" change course Putin

The British publication links the closing of the Museum Russia's only Museum dedicated to "the horrors of the Soviet camps, was closed on the initiative of the government of Perm region, RT reports with reference to The Times. According to the journalist for the British edition, this decision is primarily due to the policies of President Vladimir Putin, who "exalts the Soviet past" in the country."The government of the Perm region has closed the only Museum in Russia dedicated to the atrocities of the Soviet prison system. The Museum "Perm-36" is located in a remote village in the Ural mountains, on the site of the former labor camp. He is dedicated to the memory of thousands of dissidents who were kept here until the end of the Soviet era," says the journalist with The Times.The problems of the Museum began in 2012, after returning to the presidency for the third time Vladimir Putin has chosen a strategy, which included the increasing glorification of the Soviet past", says the author.In the former Governor of Perm Krai Oleg Chirkunov, who tried to turn "Perm-36" in the "gallery of modern art, world-class," was fired. He was replaced by "loyal to Putin," Viktor Basargin, immediately Urusevsky funding of the Museum, writes columnist Times.However, the British newspaper clearly exaggerates the merits Basargin and even more - potassium the facts relating to the change of the Governor, not to mention the activities of the Museum. The decision to allocate Federal 560 million program commemorating the so-called "victims of political repression" was announced by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in October 2013 (Putin again became President in may of 2012), and already at that time the region about one and a half years was headed by Viktor Basargin. Read more -->

In Yekaterinburg for two children was attacked by a pack of feral dogs. Prosecuted

In Yekaterinburg for two children was attacked by a pack of feral dogs. ProsecutedOn the facts of the attacks of stray dogs on children near the music school down the street Denisov-Uralsky in the city of Yekaterinburg, the criminal case. As have informed in the press service of the regional SC, case initiated on h 1 tbsp. 293 of the criminal code (Negligence).Recall, stray dogs attacked a 10-year-old boy, causing him lacerations legs, and bit 8-year-old girl. However, stray dogs do not give citizens the peace for a long time, and that the proper measures to ensure the safety of citizens by authorized organizations will not be accepted.The SC noted that during the investigation, a decision will be made not only about the damage caused to the children of the injury, but will be given the most stringent legal assessment of the actions (inaction) of certain officers, not taken measures to prevent attacks of stray dogs on young children. . Read more -->

In Tyumen unknown walks around the town pays the bills of the Bank of jokes". Police ask for help

In Tyumen unknown walks around the town pays the bills of the Bank of jokesIn Tyumen wanted a man who walks around the city pays the bills of the Bank of jokes". The police ask the residents for help.As reported in the Ministry of internal Affairs Tyumen, everything happened at the store, located on-site maintenance of the police Department No. 2, and in the cafe on the territory of the police Department в„–8."Unknown paid the bill from the Bank of jokes". Given their papers were very similar to real money, the victims did not notice the substitution. In the store the suspect bought alcohol and took the surrender of the alleged five thousand roubles, and in cafes paid on account of the same "five," he told police.The man looks 30-35 years, Slavic appearance, growth 180-185 cm, medium build. Was wearing: hat-ear flaps black leather with fur dark color, the leather jacket black, fur lining black scarf white, blue jeans with fading, winter boots leather black.All who know this person, you should immediately inform the police departments address: Belinskogo street, D. Read more -->

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